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Professional Team
> Alejandro Ripoll González
> Alejandro Schuster Benitez
> Diego A. Ramos Castillo
> Edmundo Elías-fernández
> Emmanuel Ibarra Castillo
> Francisco González Orozco
> Rafael Raya Lois
> Rodolfo Ramos Menchaca
> Rubén Darío Gómez Arnaiz
> Guadalupe Esparza Sánchez
> José Carlos Romero Loaiza
> José Manuel Tapia Serrano
> Mauricio Adrian Cuenca Bravo
> Abelardo Bernáldez Márquez
> Claudio Montemayor Moreno
> Fernando Gabriel Landa Torres
> J. Rafael Amador Espinosa
> Marisol De Leon Díaz De León
> Diego A. Ramos González ⠠
> José Eduardo González Rodríguez
> José María Almada López
> Juan Ramón Lara Velázquez
> Karen Itzel Torres López
> Karla M. Peña Medina
> Luis Javier González Cerda
> María Elizalde Medina
> María Fernanda Lazcano Arregui
> Miguel Angel Ramos Castillo
> Oscar Mauricio Angulo Peña
> José Enrique Uruñuela López
> Alfonso José Araujo Azuara
> Diego A. Alvarez Ampudia
> Irving Lamas Carbajal
> Regina González Quintero
> Roxán Loya Padilla
> Alfonso Valdés Tostado
> Carlos Garzón González
> Carlos Monsalve López
> Claudia Flores Galván
> Enrique Hernández Temblador
> Ignacio Trapero Sabido
> María Fernanda Solís álvarez
> María José Barba Aceves
> Marc Barraquet Pérez Bouquet
> Roberto Cordero Estefan
Management Team
> Adriana Gónzalez Gascón
> Alejandra Danaé Jones Villalpando
> Alia Sofía López González
> Alondra Zaragoza González
> Daniela De La Torre Veytia
> Irma Elizabeth Huerta Espinoza
> Javier Tavares Ruvalcaba
> Jorge Alberto Chávez Barroso
> José De Jesús Gómez Razo
> Leticia Ladrón De Guevara
> Mara Sofia Fierro López
> María Andrea Monraz Alcalá
> Mónica Idárraga Agudelo
> Silvia Yanet Silva Montes
> Sofía Gabriela Bueno López

Our firm is composed of a group of legal professionals and attorneys who have acquired important experience in legal practice throughout their professional lives. We are committed to quality and specialization in providing our services, and that is why our team is qualified in every legal area necessary to satisfy our clients’ needs.

The members of our team were educated in the best public and private universities in Mexico and the U.S., earning honors and awards for their academic excellence. Committed to acquiring knowledge in and compliance to high legal technical standards, the members of our team keep educating and academically updating themselves. This is achieved by means of a mandatory, high-standard academic program for professionals of every level in our Firm, including internal legal updating sessions organized continuously, as well as the encouragement to study Masters’ degrees, seminars, expertise courses and conferences from major academic institutions.

Most of our Partners, Associates and legal advisers are associate professors at public and private universities, as well as lecturers at different conferences organized regularly by academic, industrial and trade organizations. We invite you to learn about the different studies prepared by members of our team at the Specialized Articles section of this website.

Learn more about our professionals by clicking on their names.

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