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Our Employment & Social Security practice team mainly focuses upon two primary aspects: we call the first Labor Pre-Action RRS®, and it deals with prevention of possible employment-contingencies. The second, called Labor Action RRS®, is aimed at dealing with employment disputes and litigation.

Labor Pre-Action RRS

We focus in the prevention of future contingencies by preparing an adequate labor structure tailored to the necessities of each employer. We perform legal audits that allow us to fully understand our clients’ risks and requirements.

We negotiate and prepare individual employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, internal working regulations, as well as the constitution and operation of the several commissions that companies are compelled to have.

We negotiate and formalize legal acts such as employer substitutions, modification, suspension or termination of employment relations, either individual or collective, and ratifications before employment authorities, necessary to arrange the labor structure in accordance with our client’s needs.

Labor Action RRS

We deal with and follow-up on administrative appointments undertaken by the Employment authorities, both local and federal.

We have extensive experience in individual litigation before the Local or Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration. We offer our clients timely detection of lawsuits filed against them, seeking to prevent prejudices or undue legal predicaments.

In collective matters, we conduct negotiation or termination of collective bargaining agreements, and we represent our clients in collective disputes, such as notice of strike, ongoing strikes and claims for collective contract entitlement. 

“We offer services designed to comply with the company’s Social Security obligations”.

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Employment and Social Security

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