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At Ramos Ripoll & Schuster, we are aware of our clients’ constant search for prompt and effective solutions to the legal issues that may arise in the everyday exercise of their production activities.

We understand that, whenever our clients lease a property, they want to be sure their real estate is going to be properly taken care of, used for the agreed purposes, and they want to be guaranteed that the rent will be paid on time and in the proper form; they want to be free of the problems that may arise during the negotiation and execution of the lease agreement

Our firm is committed to provide the necessary follow-up in order to guarantee a successful term, renewal, or termination of your lease agreement. Most importantly, our legal professionals are committed to the timely payment of your rental proceeds and stand ready to advise you in the elaboration and signing of the lease agreements, up until the execution of the legal actions that may apply to any circumstance arising during the implementation and term of the contract.

Our firm is ready to partake in the management of houses, apartments, commercial premises, warehouses, buildings, condominiums or any other type of real estate that can be leased.

There are different aspects of property management that our firm can handle, and we are flexible enough so as to customize our service according to our clients’ needs.

  • Elaboration of the leasing agreements customized to our clients’ needs, so as to protect their patrimony in the most effective way;
  • Elaboration on the transaction agreement, in order to prevent any potential dispute on the grounds of the leasing agreement;
  • Notarization management for the transaction agreement before Notary Public;
  • Monitoring the compliance of all law and contractual provisions of the lease agreement, and given the case of non-compliance, execution of the transaction agreement before the corresponding authorities;
  • Communicating with the lessee, so as to take care of any recommendation, request, or issue he/she may have regarding the use and enjoyment of the property, making sure that they are at all times in accordance with the content of the agreement;
  • Attention to any conflict that may arise during the term of the agreement;
  • Periodic inspection of the property in order to ensure that all contractual, legal, and potential condominium obligations are being observed in the use and care of the property;
  • Coordinating and carrying out the payments for works of maintenance and repair that may be necessary according to the given circumstances. If necessary, coordinating the hiring of maintenance staff, electrical technicians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, etc.;
  • Collecting the monthly rent and depositing the amount in the corresponding account tassigned by the lessor;
  • Notification of any rent in arrears, the charging of interest accrued and the management of any any rent in arrears, the charging of interest accrued and the management of any early termination of the lease agreement, as well as vacating of the property, if deemed necessary;
  • Notifications of extensions according to the time periods established in the agreement.
  • Extrajudicial collection, in case of any arrears in the payment of the rent;
  • Elaborating the reports detailing the state of affairs regarding rent collection for the properties, the term of the agreement and any other elements;
  • Monitoring and management of the lessor’s obligations established in the provisions of the agreement and according to law, such as timely notifications of unwillingness to renew the lease agreement within its legal scope, and providing rent payment receipts;
  • Negotiating with the lessee regarding the continuation of the lease, given the amenability of both parties, and in that case, the renewal of the lease agreement;
  • Elaboration of ordinary or early termination agreements;
  • Carrying out any official legal proceeding arising from non-compliance with the contract and/or termination of it, such as vacating judgments due to non-payment of rent and termination of the agreement.
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