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Blockchain & Criptoactivos

Our Team is particularly experienced in advising projects and companies in all the regulatory risks and legal requirements related to the operation, issuace and usage of cryptoassets, and adopting blockchain technology.

We provide legal advice during the stage of diagnosis, design, decision making, and implementation of your business models.

Our Firm has participated and advised clients on projects as diverse as cryptoasset trading platforms, token offerings, digitization of assets, alternative fundraising mechanisms, remittances solutions using cryptocurrencies, among others.

  • Blockchain Services
    1. Legal counsel on the implementation of Blockchain Technology

    2. Legal advice in the design and implementation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps).

    3. Advisory services in the design and implementation of blockchain protocols, and other Blockchain-related solutions.

  • Token Sales & Exchange Listings
    1. Token analysis under Mexican Securities Law and other applicable regulations.
    2. Legal assistance in whitepaper drafting.
    3. Drafting of key documents such as Offering Memorandums and Purchase/Suscription Agreements (including SAFTs), among others.
    4. Counsel and legal support in the Digitization (tokenization) of Assets, such as real estate, equity, commodities, fiat currencies among others.
    5. Legal structure and guidance for Digital Security Token Offering (STOs).
    6. Legal structure and guidance for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
    7. Legal structure and guidance for Initial Exchane Offerings (IEOs).
    8. Regulatory compliance and filings.
  • Cryptoasset Exchange Compliance
    1. General Counsel Services (Corporate Governance, Agreements and Legal Documents, etc.)
    2. Regulatory compliance with relevant laws, policies and regulations.
    3. Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Programs.
    4. Counseling and support in the preparation, filing and monitoring of applications for licenses, permits and authorizations.
  • Crypto Funds
    1. We offer legal advice in all aspects related to the operations and activities of crypto-dedicated fund, from its creation and raising of funds, to the structuring of the investments made as a result of its operation.

As we believe that it is not only important to know the industry and its technical aspects to help our clients be disruptive; we constantly collaborate with the other specialized practice teams of our Firm, in order to generate solutions that are truly tailored made to the needs of our clients.

As we understand that the crypto-industry is global, our Firm is also part of Legalink®, a broad network that brings together the most prestigious law firms around the world in the same alliance. Thanks to this integration, we now have new collaboration schemes that allow us to offer our Clients more extensive services for their projects around the world.

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