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Our firm has broad experience in the legal and technical advice on any types of environmental services and issues, including studies, programs, plans, training and procedures for new and on-the-run projects, involving industrial complexes and facilities, oil and gas storage terminals, port terminals, treatment plants, renewable energy, mining, and in several other areas in the large, medium and small industries.

We provide advice for the preparation of any environmental studies, such as: Environmental Impact Assessment (MIA), Notice of Environmental Impact Exemption, Preventive Environmental Impact Report (IPIA) and other different procedures before the SEMARNAT, CONAGUA, PROFEPA and ASEA, provided for in the Federal Registry of Procedures and Services (RFTS).

We have the capacity and experience to develop: Integrated Technical Documents (DTU) and Justificatory Technical Studies (ETJ) for changes in Forest Land Use; Environmental Operation Licence (LFA) and Unique Environmental License (LAU); Environmental Damage Assessment Studies (EEDA), Environmental Remediation Plans, Environmental Compensation Plans, Wildlife Rescue and Relocation Programs, Reforestation Programs, Environmental Surveillance Programs, Environmental Compliance Reports, Water and Energy Saving Programs, as well as Technical-Economic Studies related to Environmental Impact Authorizations; Environmental Risk Studies (ERA) in all its modalities and Programs for the Prevention of Accidents (PPA); Authorizations for the Import of Toxic Substances; Register as Waste Generator and Waste Management Plans, in all the modalities required for the full compliance of the obligations in Waste matter; as well as advise and processing of Permits for the Use of Waters and Discharge of Wastewater, including the procedures inherent to the management and compliance to National Waters matter (renewals, extensions, modifications, expiration of volumes, reports, among others).

We have extensive experience and practice in conducting administrative processes and procedures before the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, the National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection for the Hydrocarbons Sector, the National Water Commission and Environmental Authorities on the States and Municipalities; also, for the attention of verification inspections, administrative procedures for imposing sanctions, filing administrative appeals, conducting federal administrative and tax litigation before the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice and amparo trials against rulings of the aforementioned court and acts issued by environmental authorities.

Our legal and technical team is qualified to provide advice and follow up on Expert Opinions, Diagnostics and Environmental Audits for certification by PROFEPA; as well as, the implementation of Environmental Management Systems for ISO-14000 certification; and to develop Social Impact Assessments (EvIS), Social Management Plans and Social Impact Attention Programs, required to authorize projects of the Hydrocarbons Sector before the Ministry of Energy (SENER).

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Industrial and Intellectual Property, Employment and Social Security, Industrial and Intellectual Property Lawsuits, Social Security Audits for Construction Projects, Administrative and Tax Law, Enviromental


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Administrative and Tax Law, Enviromental , Energy

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