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Human capital is a sensitive subject for all companies in all of its implications, including proper management of labor relations, control mechanisms, complying with all obligations and collective labor disputes.

The current labor situation in Mexico, the protectionist spirit that permeates the Federal Labor Law for the benefit of workers, the criteria issued by both the Federal Court and the Conciliation Board, all point to one conclusion: it is the company that should keep the basic labor documents and must demonstrate before the corresponding authorities or the worker, if need be, the labor conditions under which the employee is meant to perform his/her duties.

Also, the company should never impose arbitrary sanctions but must at all times set the rules under which the work is to be performed within the company and it should apply the established penalties through appropriate means, always within the boundaries set by the Federal Labor Law.
All of this results in employers needing a set of documents specifying the actual working conditions in which work is to be conducted.

Being aware of the difficulty often involved in labor proceedings and their risks, the high costs involved in these matters,  due to such factors as payment of back wages and ultimately the huge disadvantages that these can represent for a company, at Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster, we emphasize the effectiveness of preventive measures.

As such, we have developed our RRS Pre-Job Action with the purpose of providing our clients with legal tools to prevent the emergence or reduce the impact of labor and social security disputes, as well as helping our clients to better position themselves, so as to structure an adequate defense and successfully face any proceeding.

Main Stages:

  • Diagnosis
    • We will assess the labor environment of your company and detect any deficiency or weakness in it.

  • Planning and Strategy
    • We will set an action plan according to needs and develop the necessary steps and measures to regularize your company’s labor environment up to standard.

  • Implementation
    • We help you to set forth the key labor documentation for your company. We can implement all of the suggested changes, with no damage to the environment of your company or your relation with the employees.

  • Training and Follow-up
    • We can advise and train those in charge of managing human resources, in order to ensure the efficient use of the tools and resources we provide.

We believe in the importance of intangible assets for the development and growth of companies, which is why we advocate the protection of industrial and intellectual property by providing the services involving registration of brand names, patent titles, industrial models, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property rights protection.

We can develop comprehensive strategies that aim at protecting the trade secrets of our clients through the elaboration and negotiation of know-how, data transfer and confidentiality protection agreements.

We negotiate and elaborate Licensing Agreements and develop strategies for our clients’ franchises.

We provide preventive and informative legal advice on new, patentable creations. We research the technical backgrounds for patent title, utility model and industrial design registration.

We support our clients in the processing of designations of origin and, likewise, carry out the presentation of authorization requests for the use of designations of origins.

We manage the approval of registry certification issued by the Public Register of Copyright, in regards to works of art and literature, music, theater, dance, choreography, graphic designs, sculpture, architecture, cinema, audiovisual, radio and T.V. shows, photography, software, applied arts and compilations.

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