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We carry out audits to ensure compliance with social security requirements for infrastructure projects.

We develop the ideal means to properly support and manage the relationship of the contractors with the employers, particularly aiming at minimizing the charges applied by the Social Security Institute, regarding its requirements and determination of tax credits.

Our services:

  • Monitoring that contractors and providers comply with their corresponding obligations with the Social Security Institute; this includes reviewing the requirements of the construction site, the reasonableness of the payment within the construction term of the agreement, and activities actually performed;
  • Verifying specifically the agreements to be entered into or already signed with providers and contractors related to current or future purchase orders, which implies evaluating if they possess the ideal and required legal elements to comply with social security obligations;
  • Assessment of the social security reports presented by the contractors, in order to ensure they comply with the obligations to the Social Security Institute and that they provide notifications of their contributions to it, thus preventing any issues from arising to the greatest possible extent;
  • Evaluating the contractors’ and providers’ compliance in terms of social security liabilities;
  • Training the company’s staff in the management of information regarding contractors and providers;
  • Calculating the reasonableness of payment of the contractors in terms of social security contributions. Review and analysis of working conditions that may represent occupational hazards, which could in turn result in a risk premium increase;
  • Supervising the creation of possible occupational hazard warning signs, as well as the self-assessment of the risk premium;
  • Analyzing and verifying the possible refunds on overpaid fees pertaining to occupational hazards;
  • Promoting judicial means of defense in response to injunctions or claims on credits by the Social Security Institute concerning contractors or providers; such proceedings are carried out to completion before the corresponding authorities.
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