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In Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster (RRS Abogados, S.C., hereinafter "RRS"), we value your trust and privacy, so we have a constant interest in safeguarding the proper use and integrity of the personal information of our Clients.

For this reasons, and by means of this Privacy Notice (hereinafter the "Notice"), we inform you that to render our services we have gathered, and will continue to gather, certain data and information of personal nature, only with the objective to provide you with top-quality legal assistance, and conducting ourselves in accordance with principles of legality and trust.

This Privacy Notice has the purpose of making you aware of the protocols through which we guarantee the safety of the personnel data and sensitive information that you might submit to us. The information contained in this Notice is issued in accordance with the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of individuals, published in the Federation's Official Gazette on July 5th, 2010; its regulation, published in the Federation's Official Gazette on December 21, 2011, and: the Guidelines for the Privacy Notice published in the Federation's Official Gazette on January 17th, 2013.
Your personal data has been and will be gathered and stored by RRS, with address in Jesus Garcia No. 2945, Second Floor, Prados de Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, who will be responsible to archive and safeguard the data under the must strict norms of protection and confidentiality that distinguish our Firm.

Personal information subject to treatment.

RRS may obtain personal information directly provided by you, either personally or through electronic means or correspondence. In some cases RRS may also obtain such information indirectly through third parties or other sources.

The personal information that RRS may obtain and use is the following: your complete name, phone number, email, address, place of work, photograph, signature, ID data, passport and visa data, nationality, immigration condition, Tax ID number, CURP, work position, marital status, credit record, union membership, and tax and corporate information.

Likewise, it may became necessary to gather some sensible information: bank account statements, financial situation, and private information in relation the health and familiar conditions, which will only happen in cases where the information si strictly necessary for the appropriate rendering of our services.

Objective of the information treatment.

The only purpose of the gathering and treatment of your personal information is to adequately provide our services in your own benefit. Your personal data will be gathered to have a real and complete knowledge of your legal situation, and to have always present all relevant elements to execute an appropriate defense of your interests.

Your information will only be used in procedures that are strictly related with the rendering of our services, in such a way that our Firm may: draft legal documents in your representation, make services proposals, legal opinions, payments, administrative formalities, undertake legal actions and deliver notifications. Your information will also be used to have a direct and effective communication with you through phone calls, emails and traditional correspondence.

Transference of Personal Information.

By this Privacy Notice, RRS informs you that your personal information may be transferred to other offices of the Firm, different from those where they were obtained, but that are part of the Firm and are conducted in accordance with this Privacy Notice and our confidentiality policies.

As a general rule, your information will not be transferred to any other person or entity, and will remain safeguarded in our data base. However, there is a possibility that some of your information may be transferred to third parties that provide assistance to RRS in accountability and legal affairs. In case this transfers occurs, RRS will communicate this Privacy Notice to such third parties, who will have to abide to it.

Mechanism to Access, Rectify, Cancel or Oppose to the use of your personal information (ARCO Rights).

In any moment you may Access, Rectify, Cancel or Oppose to the consent granted to RRS for the treatment and use of your personal data. In order to do so, is necessary for you to submit a request by writing to the following electronic mail address: [email protected]

The ARCO request shall include the following information: 1) your complete name, 2) if the case, denomination or corporate name, 3) email address, 4) telephone; 5)personal data / information which use you wish to access, rectify, cancel or oppose, and; 6) describe the reason for the ARCO request. RRS will have 15 working days to comply with this request.

In case you have requested access to your personal information, RRS will grant you a simple copy of the information in its database, this copy may be sent through electronic mail or traditional correspondence within the deadline described in the previous paragraph.

Changes to the Privacy Notice.

In case RRS, for any reason, performs a change or partial modification to this Privacy Notice, it will be performed through its website, and will be notified through an electronic mail to the users.

Contact Information.

RRS submits for your consideration the following contact information for any inquiry or clarification in regard to this Privacy Notice.
Phone: +52(33) 3627-5035, +52(33) 3121-3014
Mail: [email protected]
Attention Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 19:00 hrs. (UTC -06:00)

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